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Natural stone is unique

Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials in the world having been used for thousands of years dating back to before the Roman Empire.

The use of natural stone brings many unique advantages with itself as it can be used in interior or exterior paving, facades or gardening and landscaping.



Durable. Sustainable. Aesthetic.


Our stone has excellent technical properties making it suitable for use in virtually any application.

Various selections of the stone combined with a wide array of available surface finishes give us numerous options to present to our customers. From rustic to modern, classical to mediterranean, we have options to match any style and taste.



We are Franken-Schotter

Germany’s leading natural stone producer

With more than 400 employees Franken-Schotter is the leading producer of Jura Limestone and Dolomite in Germany. Franken-Schotter owns and operates four quarries quarrying approximately 350,000 tons of raw blocks per year. It has four operating facilities and has a combined production capacity of more than 2,000 m² of finished products per day.  With one of the most modern stone manufacturing plants in Europe Franken-Schotter possesses the capacities and available resources to deliver finished natural stone products for projects of any size and can guarantee a quality unmatched by any of its competitors in the industry.

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Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials in the world. It properties have been valued dating back thousands of years. It has an established place for use from everything from exterior paving and cladding to interior flooring and gardening and landscaping products. Whatever it is you are trying to achieve, the correct natural stone presents itself as a viable option for virtually any application.

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